You are looking to make some changes to your kitchen. One of the changes you would like to make is to add a bar to the kitchen area. Maybe you want to do more entertaining or you’ve done entertaining and realize that a bar would be a welcome addition to the current set-up. What are some things to consider when making this change?


How big of a bar would you like to add, and how much current space do you have available? Will you need to make more changes to the current structure to accommodate your desires? One thing to consider is how many people you would expect at the bar at a time. Do you have large parties where many would gather at the bar? Or do you prefer more intimate affairs. It is best to determine the average number of people you expect at the bar to make sure you do not create more bar than you need.


Another consideration is how high of a bar would you like? The bar will need to be the correct height to accommodate the chairs that you would like to put in place. You do not want guests towering over the bar or feeling like they are sitting at the kid’s table when they come over. Additionally, you want to make sure that the chairs and the bar are a good proportion so that no one will need to reach up too high to grab something from the bar.


Will your bar have a mini-refrigerator? A wine/beer fridge? A sink?  A dishwasher? Any of these extras as part of the bar will require a re-think to the amount of space needed and any type of electricity and water supply that will be necessary. Additionally, it will affect the space available for seating.  It is best to plan these additions out and consider any problems that could arise depending upon where they are placed.  It is easier to move these things when they are in the plans than when they are physically present.


A fun area is deciding if your bar with have a theme. You can choose a tropical theme for your bar, a ‘man cave’ theme, or any number of ideas that you come up with. The theme that you choose could influence any extras that you would like to have has part of the bar, and where the bar is placed in the room.