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Shower Curtain Choices I

Shower Curtain Choices I

Who knew there were so many choices when picking out shower curtains? You used to just pick up the plastic pouch, take the shower curtain out, be overwhelmed by the plastic smell, and then hang it in the bathroom to air out for awhile before actually using it. Now there are many choices to sort… Read More

Decorative Throw/Area Rugs For Your Space

Decorative Throw Area Rugs For Your Space

When thinking of making changes to the décor of your space, sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference. If you have non-carpeted floors but want to make a change without making a big change, think about tossing some rugs down. Rugs choices are almost endless regarding size, shape, material, and color… Read More

Carpet vs. No Carpet

Carpet vs. No Carpet

One of the bigger decisions that homeowners will need to make is what to put on the floor. Should there be carpeting on the floor or have no carpeting on the floor. Are there rooms where carpeting might be a better choice? Are there rooms where carpeting should not be the first choice? Is it… Read More

Options for Kitchen Lighting

kitchen-lighting options

Making sure you have the proper light in the kitchen is essential to creating great meals. The light allows you to see how well your meal is cooking, how fresh your ingredients are, and how clean your work area is. Additionally, the light brightens up the place. One thing to consider when mapping out your… Read More

Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Feng Shui is the art and practice of placing objects in such a way to maintain the flow of energy, which is called Qi (pronounced chee). While we will not be going in depth into the practice, we will offer some simple, practical tips to consider when you are setting up your bathroom. You can… Read More

Converting a Bathtub to a Walk-in Shower: Options

walk in shower

In an earlier post, we discussed the benefits of converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower. In this post, we will discuss the options that are available and the considerations that need to be kept in mind when making the switch. The benefits we discussed included that it offered a spa-like experience, the design made… Read More

Open vs. Closed Kitchen Design

Open kitchen design

There are many choices to consider when working out the details of your kitchen remodel. You review the appliances you want to add or take out, what color you would like the walls to be, what flooring you have in mind, and so much more. Another concept to consider is whether you would like to… Read More

The Dreaded Leak

One thing to get a handle on before it gets too bad is any type of water leak you have in your house. There’s nothing worse than moving something and seeing the large wet spot on the wall, or going into a room and standing in a puddle of water on the floor. Here are… Read More

It’s The Bathroom, What Could Go Wrong?

Today we are going to discuss various issues that could arise in your bathroom and ways to fix them. Most people get up in the morning, hop in the shower, brush their teeth, and get on with their day. The problem becomes when you try to do your regular morning routine, and something is off…. Read More

Add A Bar To The Kitchen

You are looking to make some changes to your kitchen. One of the changes you would like to make is to add a bar to the kitchen area. Maybe you want to do more entertaining or you’ve done entertaining and realize that a bar would be a welcome addition to the current set-up. What are… Read More