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Kitchen Remodeling Services

The Universal Design Concept

Family dynamics are different today than in the past. Before children would grow up, leave the family home, and strike out on their own. Families would reunite during the holidays, catch up with all of the changes, and say their goodbyes as everyone headed back to their homes. Grandparents and parents would age, and depending upon the need…

Pet Dog

Remembering Your Pets During Your Remodel

When you make changes to your home, you have the perfect opportunity to remember your pets during the remodel. You can look at the available space, and see how you can make it more pet-friendly. How can you make your space more comfortable for your pet? Consider all of the areas that your pet would be…

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

People speak about backsplashes and wanting to have one in their kitchen, but not everyone knows what one is. If you look up backsplash in a dictionary, it is a panel that protects the wall from food and debris while cooking. While that was the initial purpose of the backsplash, today, it is so much more than that. It can be used as…

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Which Bathroom Door Is Best For You?

While people who remodel their bathrooms think of designs they want on the walls, fixtures they would like added and accessories they cannot live without, a consideration must also be made for how one is going to enter the bathroom. Meaning, what type of door would you like installed in your newly redesigned bathroom? You…

Shower Head Water

Hard Water and Soft Water

Have you ever had the experience when you stayed somewhere that you just couldn’t wash the soap off of your skin? Or when you look in the tub you see a line of soap scum? These are the challenges that can be faced when you have hard water.  What does hard water due to your…


Getting Ready For Fall

Now is the time to start thinking about the temperature cooling down.  The kids have gone back to school, the bathing suits are going to be put away to make room for sweaters and socks, and the air conditioning will be shut off soon. It’s the perfect time to plan ahead and get ready for the…