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Bathroom Remodel Considerations

Remodel Considerations

This post will address some bathroom remodel considerations: Maintenance Factors Sage advice from experts is to begin your remodel with the end in mind. Consider the space that will be taken up and all of the areas that will need to be cleaned and polished. Sometimes a design looks like a good idea but once you understand… Read More

Choices for Faucets


Sinks come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different choices and colors available. One deciding factor for the choice of sink is the faucet you are planning on using. Faucets will depend on the function of the sink you are considering. Having a sink in a guest bathroom would be smaller than the one… Read More

Bathroom Remodel Trends

Remodel Trends

Every year there are design ideas and remodel concepts that stand out from the others. This year is no different. Looking through the various blogs, design magazines, and listening to design experts there are several themes that stand out this year. We focused our efforts and searching through bathroom remodeling trends and want to share what we found… Read More

Where To Find Your Remodel Inspiration

Remodel Inspiration

Sometimes you know that something needs to be changed in your place, but you’re not exactly sure what. You walk around your house and go into every room imagining what could be different. You think of some things but wonder if there are more choices than what you are coming up with. There are many… Read More

Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

Refresh Your Kitchen

Sometimes you are looking for a change to your surroundings. You would love a whole new kitchen but your budget will not allow for this at the present time. You can look around and determine the changes you can make given the resources and funding you have available. Instead of calling this a remodel, you… Read More

The Popularity of His-n-Hers Bathrooms

His-n-Hers Bathrooms

Most people grow up sharing a bathroom with at least one other person. When you were a kid, you might have shared it with siblings, when older you shared with a significant other or roommate, and then when you got married, you shared a bathroom with a spouse. You may or may not have had… Read More

How To Survive A Remodel

It’s great to imagine what your remodel will look like when it’s done. It’s also wonderful to begin the brainstorming for the remodel and think of all the possibilities that are before you. This, of course, is very different when the remodel begins, or when you are in the middle of the remodel and you… Read More

Mixing Countertop Materials

Countertop Material

Countertops in a home serve many functions. They can have the role of a statement piece, a place to store items, a work prep area, a place to do homework, and much more. When thinking of the material used, it is good to think about what functions your countertop will have. You want to make… Read More

Shower Door Options

Shower Door

It’s amazing how many choices need to be made when conducting a remodel. Take the bathroom, for instance. You can change the door knobs, lighting, washing area, walls, floors, fixtures, handles, shower door and so much more. When putting in or upgrading a shower stall, there are many choices to consider concerning the type of… Read More

Painting Patterns

Painting Patterns

When most people think of painting a room, they consider what color to use either over the whole thing or which wall to paint what color. You can have the whole room be white, or you can choose to have three walls be white, and one wall is dark blue. When you let your mind… Read More