In an earlier post, we discussed the benefits of converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower. In this post, we will discuss the options that are available and the considerations that need to be kept in mind when making the switch. The benefits we discussed included that it offered a spa-like experience, the design made the bathroom spacious, it allowed for easier access and made cleaning a breeze. Here are some options to create the walk-in shower of your dreams.

Proper Drainage

It will be important to have the proper drainage for this type of shower. In a tub setting, if the water does not drain well, it is still contained within the tub. In a walk-in shower setting or even a wet room set-up, the standing water would create a slip and fall hazard. Most people would not be stepping back into the tub for anything, but would not hesitate to walk into the shower for something that they needed. Most people would lean over the tub to get what they wanted. In the case of the wet room, then standing water is a hazard to anyone who enters the bathroom. The flooring needs to be such that the water will flow towards the drain. The drain needs to be free of any obstruction, and the proper drain needs to be chosen. If you would like a smooth floor experience, then the drain needs to be flush with the floor material.

Non-slip Flooring Material

Floor material needs to be chosen with the idea in mind that it will be wet a large portion of the time. Due to this, it is important to choose a non-slip material to ensure the maximum amount of safety. This can be strips added to the floor or specific tile/flooring chosen that resists becoming slick when wet. Additionally, non-slip mats can be placed on the floor during shower times or whenever the floor will be wet.


The location will be important to create the easiest traffic flow and drainage option. Consider how often the shower will be used and the general traffic flow of the room. This will help determine the best place to put the shower along with following the general pipe structure in the wall. An option could be to have multi-showerheads and a heated floor/towel bar as well. In addition, another consideration could be to allow for a dual purpose for the shower and create a steam room environment.