Maybe you’ve decided that you are done with taking baths. Or you have a family member who just can’t manage to step into the tub anymore. You’ve decided to convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower area instead. What are some of the benefits to this? There are many. Let’s discuss some below.

Spa-like Experience

Depending upon the fixtures that are added, the walk-in shower could be reminiscent of your favorite spa experience. You can add multiple shower heads, a waterfall, and/or rain shower showerhead. You can add a waterproof TV to the room and install little nooks to keep towels, soaps, razors, or aromatherapy scents handy. You can adjust the lighting to offer a full stream of light or cast a warm glow.  You can add a steam effect to the room for when you just want to kick back and relax. Benches or chairs can be added to the shower for your relaxation pleasure.


The walk-in shower (and even making the whole area a wet room) really opens up the space. A bathtub has the tendency to cut off or separate areas of the room. If you have a claw foot tub, then wherever it is placed could be blocking off extra room below or behind it. With the open experience of the full floor for a shower, you can maximize your free area. There is more room to move and less awkward positions you need to get into like when trying to shave your legs in the tub.

Easy Access

With a walk-in shower you have the ability to just go straight into it. There are no lips to step over or anything sticking up to trip on. You can install a flat drain to remove this hazard as well. This type of access can allow those with limited movement to enter the shower area safely. Additionally, those confined to wheelchairs can just roll directly in.

Easy To Clean

A one piece walk-in shower allows for easy cleaning. There are no cracks or crevices to collect dirt, so wiping it down can be a breeze. The cleaning maintenance can allow for a wipe down directly after a shower so that a film does not develop on the walls. With proper drainage, the floor will remain easy to clean as well. When you do your deeper cleaning, you will not require much more effort that your maintenance cleaning.