Feng Shui is the art and practice of placing objects in such a way to maintain the flow of energy, which is called Qi (pronounced chee). While we will not be going in depth into the practice, we will offer some simple, practical tips to consider when you are setting up your bathroom. You can do further research where you can delve into which corner of the house your bathroom is located in, the proper color scheme, as well as what is above or below your bathroom. Based on where your bathroom is located in your house, you would need to add certain elements or put items in specific places to maintain the flow of energy. What are some simple principles for you to follow now?

Close It

Qi is said to move through air and collect or pool in water. The point of Feng Shui is to control and maintain the flow of energy. To this end, since Qi collects or pools in water, then access to the water should be limited. This can be done by properly maintaining your pipes and closing drains and toilet lids. If there is a leak anywhere, then this should be fixed immediately. Another way to limit access to water is to keep the bathroom door closed. If there is a rip in the shower curtain, then this needs to be fixed as well.

Since the water from the bathroom flows out of the house through the pipes, this is another reason to close the drains and toilet lid. The chi “escapes” through the drains, so closing the drains and toilet lid will reduce the amount of chi lost.


Chi flows freer through open spaces. Having a bathroom that is cluttered will affect the flow of energy through the room. Making sure that everything has its place allows for more energy to flow. Another disruption to the flow of energy is dirt. This means that your bathroom should remain clean including any windows and mirrors.

Light and Air

Since Qi moves through air and favors drier conditions, keeping the bathroom bright and fresh is essential. The room should remain as dry as possible. Bathrooms can contain humidity and stagnant water through use. This interrupts the flow of energy. Allowing for natural light and fresh air to move freely throughout the space allows for a drier more energetic environment. If the possibility for natural light is limited, then be sure to install bright lights instead.