It’s funny how you never think about a mirror until you need one. Have you ever been in a bathroom that did not have a mirror in it? It seems strange to look at a picture or a blank wall instead of a mirror.  When you are embarking on a bathroom remodel you can choose the perfect mirror for your environment. Mirrors allow you to make sure that your tie is straight; your hair is not out of place for your interview, and your makeup is perfect. Mirrors can also be decorative and fun. It’s a good idea to look at several different types of mirrors, even ones you didn’t consider. You never know what works in the space available. Here are some ideas to think about.


If a mirror needs to be functional then it is important that the mirror is large enough and set at the right height for as many people as possible. It’s difficult for people of varying heights to each have adequate face time. For younger/shorter people, a wooden stool could be set up to make it easier for them to see.  For a handicapped individual, two mirrors could be set up in the room to accommodate them and guests.


Large mirrors can make a statement, but small mirrors can serve a purpose too. Small mirrors can be used to create depth in the room. This can be helpful for small bathrooms that want to appear larger. Additionally, small mirrors that are set low would be seen as fun for the kids to use. They can have their own mirror. Another thought is the shape of the mirror. There is the traditional square shape, and also oval, round, or something more creative like the shape of the sun. The shape of the mirror can complement the desired décor of the room. The sun mirror would fit in with beach themed décor.


Mirrors can also be multi-functional with the option of having storage as a part of them. The unit can be one mirror over the storage area or there can be two mirrors that open like double doors. It depends on the space you have and the function of the storage area. It is good to look at different options available to get a better feel for what works in the space.

Mirrors can be functional and decorative. You can have a subdued room and a busy mirror or a busy room and subdued mirror. You can also have mirrors that are framed for a more polished look. Mirror choices are almost endless. It just depends on your budget and imagination.

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