As the year begins to come to a close, minds drift to the style and décor trends that will be popular in the coming year. There are many exciting things on the horizon for 2019. Trending categories include color palettes, appliances, materials, and accessories.  After searching through design books, checking out websites, and listening to what people are interested in seeing, we’ve found the following kitchen trends that you should know.

Easier Openings

While not truly being touchless, cabinets, drawers and other home items will be able to be utilized by pushing on them instead of using a handle to open them. So when your hands are full of dishes to put in the cupboard, you can gently push on the cupboard door to open it instead of needing to pull it open. There have been changes to the closing mechanism as well which ends the harsh, loud banging and instead offers a slow, steady closing.

The “Good” Ice

Designers have taken note of the popular ice shapes that have made their way into restaurant and bar beverages and brought the same inspiration to your home appliances. There still options for cubed and crushed ice along with shaved, nugget shaped, and flaked ice. Now you can create the popular drinks you like when you are out but in the comfort of your own home.


Dishwashers have received an upgrade as well with a roomier wash area to hold more dishes and an improved dry cycle. With newer pots, pans, and bakeware being manufactured, being able to fit them all in the older style dishwashers is difficult. There are large items, small items, and irregular shaped items that need to fit in the dishwasher and the newer models are built to accommodate this.

Smarter Appliances

There have already been lights that turn on when you enter the room, coffee pots that can be programmed with a clock to start your morning coffee when you like, and lights that turn on with a clap of the hands. Appliances have become more sophisticated so that you can now control your appliances with an app on your phone or by being connected to another device/appliance in your house. As an example, you might be able to have your coffee start when the alarm in your bedroom goes off and see how much milk is left by looking at an app on your phone that lets you know when you are running low.

Every year it seems that appliances are able to do more and more for you to make your life easier. Also, it is a lot easier for you to bring the restaurant experience home. This is shown with the easy open cabinets and reimagined ice machines.