In a previous post, we discussed the Pantone Color of the Year. To give you some more décor color ideas, we researched other popular companies who also pick a color of the year. All of these colors are chosen after careful consideration and review. These additional colors can give you ideas for a whole house theme, appliance options, or if you are looking to remodel a specific room. Here are the 2021 colors of the year we found.


Behr’s choice for Color of the Year for 2021 is called Canyon Dusk. This color is similar to a brownish terracotta. The color is described as “calming, versatile, and inviting”. This could be a good color for walls and furniture in your home. It is a color that goes well with many others, so the possibilities are numerous for décor options. A good way to determine how the colors would go together would be to either get paint samples and put them together or use a computer program to sketch out your ideas.

Sherwin Williams

The 2021 color for Sherwin Williams is Urbane Bronze. This color can be described as a darker gray appearing color, with a back to nature feel. The color would go well on walls, either as a whole room color or for an accent wall. Another way to utilize this color could be on the trim in a room. Differing shades of gray would pair well with this color, along with other neutrals. One thing to consider for this color is how much light is going to be in the room. You want to make sure that there is enough light to be able to see comfortably in your space.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s color for 2021 is Aegean Teal. This bluish green color with hints of gray invokes the idea of reflection and resetting. This color could be used for walls in a room, an accent wall, cabinetry, etc. The bluish green color can be paired with many other colors, so the options are numerous for décor. You can mix and match this color different ways in many rooms of your home or just make your focus one room.

The previous year brought more emphasis to home life and creating as calm and nurturing environment as best possible. That focus spills into this year, along with a focus on renewal. The 2021 colors of the year chosen by the various entities are in harmony with this focus.