If you talk to a random group of homeowners and ask them what they would like to change about their home, they are likely to give one of two answers: the bathroom or the kitchen. However, as we’ve discussed at length, a complete bathroom makeover Cleveland not only costs a lot of money—experts suggest spending five to ten percent of your home’s value—but is also a massive time investment, with a bathroom makeover often taking six to twelve months from inception to completion.

However, what if you want to makeover your bathroom but only wish to spend $50 or $100? Well, we’re happy to report that there are seemingly countless makeovers you can do that will leave you with money to spend!

Often, the trick is just to update one or two essential elements that every visitor to your bathroom will see and notice. For example, by simply installing a new mirror and new linens in your bathroom, you can radically change its vibe, and still only spend between fifty and a hundred dollars.

But when shopping for that mirror, there are three variables you should keep in the back of your mind at all time: function, style, and size. The style should match your existing bathroom’s style while function can take the form of purchasing a medicine cabinet with a mirror.

Now let’s move up the budget ladder a bit and say we want to complete a bathroom makeover for only $200. One big change that you can make for a relatively small cost is to change out the fixtures, whether it be the sink, lights, or hardware. But one essential thing to keep in mind is that your finishes should always match; so if you have an antique bronze faucet and you’re looking for a new light fixture, then that should be antique bronze as well!

Finally, if you’re looking to give your bathroom that makeover look for the cost of just $500, look for the type of decorative tiles that cost about $2.50 per square foot. However, rather than installing them on your ceiling, stack them three or four deep and paint them a color perfect for your bathroom to give yourself a brand new tiled floor.

So whether your bathroom makeover budget is $50, $200, or $500, there is something at all price levels that you can do to make a big impact.