There have been many developments in technology and making your home smarter. You can control appliances and lighting with an app, you can have a company remotely monitor your home for safety, or you can set up a cam to watch your home yourself. There are technological developments for every room in your house. Here are some ways to have a smarter bathroom.

Shower Speakers

It’s easier now to listen to music while you shower through the use of shower speakers. These speakers are made to withstand the steamy environment in the bathroom. The speakers can be on the wall, on the counter, the ceiling, or even part of the shower head. They can be controlled through Bluetooth, on the speaker itself, or by your voice. They can be put in a permanent place by being attached to the wall, or they can be placed around the bathroom with a suction cup backing. Additionally, the speakers that sit on the counters can be moved around as desired.

Hi-Tech Toilet

The commode in the bathroom is getting to the point where it can do almost everything for you except actually use it. The toilets have features that include touch-free flushing, self-cleaning bowls, built-in nightlights, bidets, and heated seats. The downside of a commode that has a lot of options is that there is just that much more that can go wrong with it so that it doesn’t work correctly. Also, all of these features will increase the price and might involve regular maintenance to make sure that the toilet is working in its best capacity. Your budget and needs will dictate how smart your commode needs to be in your smarter bathroom.


Another option for your hi-tech bathroom is chromatherapy. This is the use of purposeful colored lights in the space. These can be used anywhere you wish in the bathroom. Each color option has a meaning. As an example, the use of green lighting signifies harmony and balance. These lights can be managed the same way the speakers are. You can have a remote control; voice-activated control, or device on the lighting box. An important point for this technology is to make sure you also have adequate lighting available so that you can see your bathroom to prevent falls. Also, you need adequate lighting if you are applying make-up, doing your hair, or have young children using the same room. Safety should be the number one priority when doing a remodel.