One of the projects you could consider for your remodel is to add a television to the kitchen or the bathroom. You’ve thought of soaking in the tub and catching up on your shows, or possibly making cooking or cleaning the kitchen easier if you had something to watch. Here are some ideas for where/how to place the television.  

Flush Against The Wall 

One of the placements for the TV could be flush against the wall. You could purchase a flatscreen and choose a wall in the room where it is most visible. For the bathroom this could be across from the tub, so you can watch while you soak. You could also place it above the sink in the kitchen, so you can watch while you wash the dishes. Another place could be over the breakfast nook or dining area if you like to watch your shows while you eat.  

Pivot Arm 

If you have few places in the room you would like to be able to see the TV; you could put it on a pivot arm. This way you can face it towards the tub when you are soaking, or you could face it towards the shower when you are washing. Additionally, as you are cleaning the bathroom, you can move the TV to make sure you can see it all around the room.  For the kitchen, you can place it so that you can see it while you are washing the dishes, and then you can move it while watching your favorite cooking show while you cook dinner. This option offers more viewing area.  

Drop Down 

If you know that the TV will remain in one place, but you don’t want it seen all the time you can install an under the counter TV that will fold up when you are not using it. You will need to remain aware of the TV’s placement to make sure you do not hit the TV with things being placed on the counter. You do not want to break the TV mount. Additionally, you want to remain aware of what can be dripped or splashed on the TV as well.  

Hide It In The Mirror 

For TV’s in the bathroom, you can actually get a television installed/hidden in the bathroom mirror. When the television is on you can watch your shows, and when the television is off, it is just a straight mirror. This way your television can be hidden when not in use.  Televisions in the bathroom should be chosen for the environment they are in, this means a waterproof version.