If you want to give your bath a spa-like experience, you can add a tub where you can soak your cares away. When choosing a tub, you have some options to consider. One of the main options is how do you want the water to circulate and relax you, through air or water jets. As the names imply one uses air pushed out of the holes, and the other uses water. What are the differences between an air jet or water jet tub?

Air Jets

An air-jetted tub will have small holes in and around the bottom of the tub. Since only air is being pushed through, the holes do not need to be that big. The air that is pushed through, is taken from the air in the room. The tub can somewhat resemble the surface of an air hockey table (size of holes). The general sensation from this is more of a bubbling water feel than a deep massage. Because of the hole placement and structure, these holes cannot be adjusted to send the air in different spots. Since only air is circulating through the holes, the general upkeep for the tub is similar to that of a regular tub. To clean the jet areas, you just need to make sure the tub is dry and remove the jets, wipe them off and replace them. You can run this tub without water in it to dry out the components.

Water Jet

A water jet or whirlpool tub has water that comes out of the holes. Because water is being circulated, the holes need to be larger. Additionally, the water that is being circulated is the water that you are soaking in. This means that the dirt, soap scum, etc., is moving throughout the jets. Cleaning for this tub needs to be more frequent and detailed. The jets will need to be flushed out and scrubbed to remove any debris or dirt that has accumulated. Since water is moving around all the components, you will need to be sure that the tub dries to lessen the chance of mold and mildew developing. The water jets will produce a stronger force against your skin, so this tub would be ideal if you are looking for more of a massage feel. Additionally, some jets can be adjusted so that you can hit the spots you want. This will just depend on the brand and type of whirlpool tub that you purchase.