Every year there is talk about what will be in style for the year, what is going out of style, and what will remain classic style. Most of the trends have to do with décor or color options for the various rooms in your home. One trend that is on the horizon, though, has more of an impact than just what is the best color for your space. This trend is the thought for homeowners to forgo having a bathtub to instead focus on a spacious or spa-like shower instead. So, their bathrooms would not have a soaking tub, but might instead have a steam shower, or a doorless shower that takes up most of the room. Are there advantages or disadvantages of removing the bathtub? Are bathtubs out? Let’s explore this topic.

One of the advantages of not having a bathtub is the ability to save space. This depends on how big and luxurious your shower is, though. But, for the average shower, you will be able to repurpose the space for more storage or just more wiggle room.

Another reason for not having a tub is if you find that you just don’t use one. Why have a bathtub if you realize you never soak in it or just stick to showers? Maybe you don’t like the idea of soaking in water for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, you can highlight what you do use instead. You can upgrade your shower to either add more features or more space.

Having a shower only bathroom will make cleaning easier as well. Before you would need to lean over or into the tub to get all of the curved spaces. If you had a clawfoot tub, then you would need to clean the outside of it as well. For your shower, you could have a smooth, seamless surface that just requires wiping down.

One of the main disadvantages of removing your tub is if/when you decide to sell your home, your prospective buyers are looking for one. A bathtub in a home is still considered a staple. So, while you might not find the need for one, others might consider the home not complete without one. This could in turn affect its resale value. This would be something to discuss with a realtor though, to get a feel for the general buying habits of the time. Then to decide if a tub could be something you add back into the home before you sell.

So, are bathtubs out for you?