It’s great when you are beginning your remodel plan to determine what changes you would like to make to your space. You look through various home improvement magazines, check out certain Instagram accounts, possibly go to showrooms, and much more. You see all of these ideas and some you want to incorporate and others you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them. The potential issue becomes when you see trending items or over-the-top changes that are generally out of your budget but begin to feel like you ‘have’ to have them, or your space will not be complete. Are you being influenced by the influencers? Here’s how to keep it in check.

Need vs. Want

One of the first areas to consider is whether you need the improvement or you want it. Sure, you can change out your sink and upgrade the model. The issue becomes when you have seen someone with three sinks around their kitchen and become obsessed with the look of it. Do you need three sinks? Can you really afford three sinks? Will you put three sinks to use enough to make the purchase worthwhile? It’s important to consider all the options but take some time to think about things before you implement any changes.

Massive Appliances

You have seen the influencers’ pictures with their massive ranges and oversized refrigerators. Just look at all of the stuff you can cook, and all that it holds. The reality check is that you eat out most nights and when you do cook, you use the microwave more than the oven. Also, your place is not the right size to accommodate a massive appliance. If you were to purchase and install one of those, it would cut off prime space for something else. It is great to think about the possibilities of what could be done to your place, but you need to keep your space restraints in check. Running programs where you can manipulate your rooms around to see what works best is a great way to try things out without having to actually move anything just yet.

Quirky Gadgets

Another way that people become influenced is the number of gadgets they can own. Some of them seem like timesavers, but others are just because you thought they were cute and novel when you bought them, but now they just take up space. The butter spreader to butter your corn, the butter cutter, the butter knife, the butter shaver, a butter churn, the butter warmer, and so much more. It is a good idea to review the number of gadgets you have to see if you might have gone overboard on a few. These can always be given to a Goodwill or similar type of establishment so that someone else can enjoy them, and you have more space.

Dreaming of what could be for your space is a great way to create the look you want. You can see what the influencers are coming up with. Just make sure that you are choosing what’s best for your space