Art Deco design combines modern styles with rich materials and craftsmanship. The initial purpose was to embrace luxury and exude extravagance. Also, at the time, it was a way to offer a bold distinction from the design ideas of the moment. You can find ways to incorporate the Art Deco design style in your new kitchen space.  Here are some ideas.


One of the hallmarks of the Art Deco design is the use of bold colors and bold contrasts. This can be seen by pairing light and dark colors, the use of metallics, or various prints. One of the most notable contrasts is the use of black and white within your space. Other choices can be using animal prints, varying bright colors, or finding some funky tiles to add to the mix.  You could choose to have a monochromatic room and add little pops of color to it as well.


Another way to bring the Art Deco design to your space is through the use of patterns. Geometric and repeating patterns can be seen in a variety of Art Deco settings. In your kitchen, you can use the walls or flooring to show these off. This way the element can be incorporated without looking overwhelming. You can include triangles, circles, rectangles, zigzags, and so much more in your space. The general look of your kitchen can also incorporate these ideas. This can be seen by pairing rounded countertops with arched range hoods.


You can add the luxury element to this design by carefully choosing the accents for the room. This can be shown off by choosing intricate lighting fixtures, oversized embellished mirrors, the use of metallics throughout the space, or if you have an item that can be used as a statement piece such as an heirloom chair. While luxury is part of the design, so is minimalism. So, luxury does not necessarily equate to excess.


The Art Deco design goes back to the 1920s and 1930s. Finding items reminiscent of this time, can bring this design idea to life. This can be accomplished by locating vintage items or décor pieces or creating a vintage feel to the room.  This can be achieved by finding decorative knobs for the cabinets, an intricately designed or shaped mirror, or finding a few statement or conversation pieces. This is similar to the idea of adding luxury to the room as well.