One of the big decisions that you will make when remodeling your bathroom is what color you will choose. Maybe you will coordinate the color with the rest of your house, or you will have the room stand alone in the color scheme. Either way, we looked up some of the bathroom color trends for 2021 to give you some ideas to think about. Here are the trending colors for 2021.


One of the colors that is trending for this year is green. You can look to emerald green or bluish greens for your colorings. Or you can look through the pastel green spectrum for inspiration. This color seems like an obvious choice, with one of the design trends for the year being a return to natural materials. The idea of filling your bathroom space with plants and green accents can create a relaxing atmosphere that is needed for renewal.


Following the natural leanings from the last paragraph, another trending color is beige. This can be seen with wall or floor colorings/coverings, countertops, or even ceilings. Beige is a neutral color that goes with most other colors, so this color can be the mainstay color with other color combinations being rotated out to bring a fresh look to your room whenever you like.


This color is also an obvious choice for trending because Pantone chose it as their color of the year. To be specific, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is called Ultimate Gray. This color, like beige, works with many other colors so you can mix and match it almost endlessly. Also, as with the beige example above, you can make this the mainstay color and rotate others out as you like.

Dark Colors

Almost every year a trending/popular color is black. This year is no different. Instead of having the entire bathroom black or the majority of it black, consider just sprinkling black accents through the room. For example, your cabinet hardware could be black, hooks in the bathroom could be black, and some décor items could be black. The idea is not to overwhelm with this color but to use it in contrast to your other colors in the room. Other dark colors include dark greens and dark grays.

No matter what colors are trending for the season/year, it all comes down to how you want your space to look. You don’t need to follow the bathroom color trends, choose colors that align with your style and décor desires.