One of the design styles that you can incorporate for your bathroom is to forgo the use of drawers or cabinets. You can do this because of the available space you have, or you can just be going for a different look. When you think about all of the things you have in your bathroom, you might begin to wonder how you will still be able to store everything. You can have toiletries, towels, hair dryers, brushes, combs, fragrances and more currently in your bathroom. Here are some options for storage if you are thinking about this design style.

Rolling Cart

One way to store your bathroom items is to use a rolling cart. If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can store the cart outside of your bathroom and bring it in when you need it. You can have toiletry items or towels on this cart. The cart can have several shelves on it to store many items that you need. There a variety of choices you have when choosing a rolling cart for your bathroom.

Hanging Baskets

Since you will not have cabinets or drawers, consider using baskets hanging from the ceiling to store your bathroom items. You can choose to place the baskets around your bathroom and fill them with location-based items. Baskets by the sink can have cotton balls, soap, wash cloths, and toothbrushes. Baskets by the shower can hold shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap. Hanging baskets can be placed anywhere that you have room with low or high placement for your needs.

Side Table

An option for storage is to place a side table in your bathroom. You can have your towels on the table or a decorative display if you like. The side table can have shelves to store more items, or it can have just the table top which would allow you to store items that are easily seen. You can choose to have one table or several tables, with each table serving a different purpose.

Counter Baskets

If you have the available space, you can also just place baskets on the counter to store your bathroom items. These can hold your hair accessories, make-up needs, soaps, lotions, or whatever you choose to keep close while getting ready for your day. You can find stackable baskets or connected baskets to hold more items. It will all depend on how much storage you need.