Sometimes when you are looking at your available space, a bathroom vanity is not an option. Other times, you want to try something different and choose to forgo the vanity on purpose. Either way, there are challenges that arise with this option. Biggest challenge? Where are you going to put everything? It’s funny how you don’t think about it until you take one piece out of the bathroom that you take for granted. Then you realize just how much you relied on it. Here are some options for designing a bathroom without a vanity.

Wall Space

Having no vanity does not mean there is no mirror in your bathroom. You can find any shape wall mirror to show off your style to get ready before you head out. You can add shelving to your walls that allow you to store needed items. If you previously had a vanity and now you need to go without, you can also review the items in your bathroom and choose to keep only the necessary items within reach and move the seasonal or non-essential items to the hall closet. You can review these items quarterly and move and replace the items as the need arises.


You can utilize furniture in the bathroom for storage. Maybe you have a particular bench you would like to incorporate into your bathroom décor, or you have a great cabinet that you’ve been waiting to use. If your bathroom has the space, then you can bring in the furniture. You will need to keep in mind the dampness of the bathroom and the durability of the furniture you would like to use, but these could be great additions.

Sink Surface Area

If you have the space available, you can install a sink that has storage space around it. Maybe there is a large flat surface around the bowl that can hold items that you use every day. Additionally, you can put shelving on the sink to hold your important items as well. This option will depend on the amount of usable surface you are able to incorporate into your bathroom sink. For those that do not have the room, then the shelving options may be more optimal. Additionally, you can consider your space and storage options under the sink area as well. If you have any type of shelving that can be placed under the sink or hang off the sink, you can realize more storage space for your bathroom that has no vanity.