The bathroom has taken center stage as a place to relax and renew. With more people at home, the bathroom has become the ultimate place to recharge and get away from life’s troubles. What are some bathroom design trends that are seen for the current year?

Bring the Outside In

One of the trends for the year is a return to natural materials. Bathroom remodels/makeovers can see an increase in wood being used. This can be seen in the flooring and cabinetry. Another return to nature is the increase in the use of plants to accent the space. The idea is to create a natural oasis where you can “get away from it all” without actually leaving your space.


Another way to recharge is to convert your bathroom space to give it a spa-like feel. You can do this by creating a luxurious shower experience, add a soaking or jetted tub, maybe have a steam area constructed. Your budget and current set up will help you decide what you can add to your room. Maybe you can add luxury simply by having a heated floor or having heated towels for when you are finished bathing.


A way to destress is to reduce the amount of clutter in your room. 2021 bathrooms are leaning towards a minimalist approach. Everything will have a place, and most of it will be out of eyesight. Fixtures and accents will be chosen that will allow the room to look larger and airier. Think a wall mounted sink over a large vanity placement and a strategic placement of mirrors.


One way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel is to use gold throughout the space. You can have a gold-accented mirror, gold fixtures, or use gold hardware to finish off your cabinetry. Another way to add gold to your room would be to have gold towels or gold holders. If you have items that can be moved, i.e. gold accents, you can switch out your use of gold to give your space a new look every few months.

You can also combine all of the above bathroom design trends to create your relaxing oasis as well. The idea is to create the space that you desire, which will allow you to go into a new day ready to go, or recharge from your day and get ready to take on tomorrow.