While people who remodel their bathrooms think of designs they want on the walls, fixtures they would like added and accessories they cannot live without, a consideration must also be made for how one is going to enter the bathroom. Meaning, what type of door would you like installed in your newly redesigned bathroom? You could just think that whatever is already there is fine with you, but you could expand on the remodel and truly remodel from the outside in. What types of doors are available for the bathroom entryway? Read on and discover all of the choices that are available for your bathroom door.  

Pocket Doors 

The type of doors open and close by sliding the door sideways instead of pulling open or pushing closed. These doors are distinct because they will slide into the wall. They “disappear” into the wall as it were. This means that when the door is opened, there is no opportunity to run into it. One reason these doors might be the best choice is if the bathroom and surrounding areas do not have a lot of room. This way the bathroom door will not be an obstruction for anyone passing by.  

French Doors 

This type of door choice consists of a left and right door that hangs on hinges. The doors when they are closing come together in the middle. This type of door is not a good choice for those who are tight on space but can add a touch of elegance to a larger bathroom. It is important to understand how much space is required when both of the doors are fully open.  

Sliding Doors 

This type of door is like the pocket door but does not recede into the wall. The doors move side to side instead of pushing or pulling to open and close. There can be two doors that meet in the middle or just one that moves. Additionally, you could have several panels that move depending upon the space you have available. These types of doors are generally quieter because the move along sliders, so they would not be as affected if a breeze was to come through the room.  

Hidden Doors 

Another type of door is one that does not resemble a door. It works like a door and can be opened and closed, but when closed resembles the surrounding area. This could be shelving, drawers or plain panels. These types of doors are popular with people who prefer clean lines to a room. They do not want to draw attention to the bathroom.