Your bathroom space is where you get ready for your day, relax and unwind after a long day, and get ready for a night out. When you remodel your space, you can enhance this area to make it even more productive or relaxing for you. There are ways that you can change your space to accomplish this. Here are some ideas:

Door-less Shower

Instead of having to hang the shower curtain or clean off the shower door, why not just forgo the shower door? You can set up your space to enjoy your morning shower and choose an open design that will allow the shower area to be a walk through when not being used to bathe. The sides can be an open design with the shower components placed in the middle. It will make the room appear to be larger. You could also choose to have an enclosed area that offers a wall where a door would be. This will allow more privacy.

Shower Seats

Another addition you can make to your bathroom is to add an S-shaped shower seat. This seat will allow you to lie down and relax because it is long enough for your entire body. You can add the steam ability to your shower to create a spa-like experience. You can also put in a permanent corner seat as well. This is helpful if you find it difficult to stand for your entire shower. You can choose a fold-up shower seat so you can use it when needed and have it out of the way when it’s not needed.

Laundry/Trash Chutes

A way to make your bathroom more efficient would be to add a laundry or trash chute to the room. You can finish using your towels and put them in the chute to go straight to the laundry room instead of sitting on the bathroom floor or hanging all over the bathroom. Another option would be to have a laundry chute to goes to an under the cupboard receptacle. This allows for the towels and laundry to remain hidden within the bathroom space, giving a cleaner look. The same can be said for the trash in the bathroom. You can choose to have a chute go down to a lower area where the trash bags can be collected or have an under the cupboard receptacle that allows you to throw your refuse into a hole in the counter or wall area.