When you are working on remodeling or making over your bathroom, the bathroom traffic patterns are especially important. If you are updating your current fixtures but not moving anything around, review the previous usage pattern. Were you able to move freely within your space? Did you notice if you spent time either sliding past other people or needing to work around any of the fixtures as they currently sat? You will need to review if the new fixtures that you are installing are the same size or a different size or shape than what you had before. This can affect how much room is available in the bathroom.


When thinking about the placement of your fixtures and decor, consider the schedules of everyone who uses the bathroom. Are the schedules fixed? Do the schedules change depending on the week or month? Understanding this can help to determine the best placement for everything. As an example, having a separate area for the commode could help ease congestion in the mornings. Another consideration is the shower schedules. With variable schedules, this will take some time to determine the best placement for fixtures.


When you set up your vanity in the bathroom, you can look into a double vanity if multiple people are using the space. You just want to make sure there is enough space between both of the sinks and that the bathroom is large enough for a double vanity. You can also determine how much storage is desired and if any of that can come from the vanity, or if you need to have storage options either outside the bathroom or through another means. This will be determined by your regular bathroom traffic patterns.


Reviewing your bathroom, you can determine if you would like a tub/shower combination or choose either just a tub or just a shower. If you choose one or the other, you will have choices related to the size and shape of each. You will need to make sure there is proper drainage and room to move around comfortably for everyone who uses the space. Drawing up sketch diagrams or computer-generated sketches can help you see the options that are available for the bathroom of your dreams. Additionally, the plumbing considerations will also weigh in on how the new bathroom is configured. Sketching things out first will allow you to move things around before permanent changes are made to your structure.