The new year is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about trends for the next year.  One room where trends can be seen is the bathroom. Bathrooms have evolved from merely functional rooms to becoming a spa-like oasis. Each year, a new color is chosen to take center stage as the “it” color to focus on. What bathroom trends can we see for 2020? Read on to learn more.

Open Showers

A trend for showers in the new year is the open design. These types of showers still can allow for privacy by having a wall separating the actual shower from the rest of the bathroom, but there won’t be a door enclosing the shower. There can be space over the wall allowing for airflow, or the opening can be on the side. Additionally, there can be side walls without a door on the front. These types of designs will need to have proper drainage to ensure the bathroom is dry between showers.

Hidden Drains

Another trend for showers is to have hidden drains. These types of linear drains allow for water to be collected into a channel under the shower floor and then continue to the regular piping. The linear type drain is like it sounds and is a line-shaped opening for the water to go down through. The flooring would be tilted in such a way to encourage the water to flow towards the opening.

Black is the New Black

Black once again is taking center stage in 2020 bathrooms. This can be seen with either a dramatic black wall, black showers, and tubs, or black accessories to finish off the room. The correct lighting (natural or artificial lighting) is necessary to ensure the bathroom is still functional. If you want to follow the trend but all black is a bit much for you, you can focus on lighting, mirrors, or other smaller accessories to get you started.


One of the trends for bathrooms in 2020 is minimalist lighting. This does not mean a dimmer room but lighting that is not the focal point of the room. This can be seen with lighting on the side walls as opposed to a large fixture in the middle of the room. The focus for the room will be on other elements with lighting working in the background. Another way to allow for lighting is to put up a lighted mirror or track lighting.