A useful and elegant statement for a remodel is the bathroom vanity. There are many options available and your choices are open to personal style and function. Some questions to consider are how many vanities are you looking to have? What is the purpose of the vanity you are considering? What is your available space?

Bathroom Size

Your bathroom vanity choice can be determined by the size of your bathroom space available. Even if you have the most elegant choice in mind, if it doesn’t fit, then it won’t matter. You will then need to determine if modifications can be made for it to fit. Why not choose a vanity with the space available already in mind?


Would you like your vanity to be functional as well as beautiful? There are vanities available that offer storage. You will need to determine the amount of storage that you desire to help you pick out the vanity you want. Your storage can be under the sink, behind the mirror, off to the side, elevated off the floor, etc. When considering storage options, base your decision on the most you will need to store.

Further Considerations

A further consideration when determining your vanity choice is to consider who will be using the vanity. Vanities can be in the master bath, guest bath, kid bath, extra bath, etc. How many people will be using the bathroom? Is it for just the kids or will it also be available for guests to use when they visit? Will people be using the bathroom to get ready for work or school? By understanding the functionality of the bathroom, you can determine the type of vanity to consider. Another option is setting the vanity up based on the dominant hand of the user. What this means is that the vanity can be set up for a left-handed person. The vanity can also be made lower for children or someone with a disability.

Bathroom vanities offer many choices and come in many styles. Your choice of vanity should be based on the size of the bathroom, the number and type of people using the bathroom, and the functionality. Additionally, the budget for the remodel should be kept in mind. Any additions or modifications will affect the final cost.

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