Choosing your bathroom accessories and fixtures can be a fun experience. When conducting a remodel, you can choose to upgrade your current look or create a completely new look. One area for your bathroom decisions will be if you want to have a vanity and how you would like the vanity to look. As with any changes you make to your home, it is important to review the traffic patterns that currently occur and to review whether your present plumbing will be sufficient or if you will need to make changes to accommodate the new look you are creating. Here are some bathroom vanity options to consider when constructing your new look.


If you choose to have a pedestal sink in the bathroom, you can still have a vanity if you like. The pedestal sink is basically two pieces, the basin and the pedestal that holds it. There are vanity options that can work with the pedestal sink. These vanities will have a cutout in the middle to accommodate the pedestal part of the sink. You will need to keep in mind how high the sink is and if any of the bowl will rest on or interfere with the vanity countertop. Some quick measurements will take care of this.


The freestanding vanity can appear like standalone furniture. One of the benefits of this type of vanity is that it can make the bathroom look more spacious because the line of sight is not broken under the vanity because you can see beneath it. Another benefit of this type of vanity is that you can also repurpose furniture to turn it into a vanity. This can be a fun way to re-use a favorite piece of furniture that you just can’t part with. Since you have so many choices with this option, almost everyone will be able to find something that matches their décor.

Vessel Vanity

Another choice for bathroom vanity options is the vessel vanity. This type of vanity has a vessel sink attached to the top of it. A vessel sink sits on top of the vanity countertop instead of being placed in it. This allows for more countertop space and a unique look. One thing to remember is that the faucet you choose has to allow for the height of the vessel sink. There are specific faucets to allow for this height and uniqueness. This type of sink can collect dust and dirt around where the sink meets the countertop as well. So, you will need to pay special attention to this area.