One of the areas of concern for a bathroom remodel is the windows. Windows offer the opportunity to allow natural light into the area and help with the airflow that lessens odors and moisture in the room. The concern though is related to privacy. Some houses are close enough together and have windows at the same height so you can see from one house to the other quite clearly. Other houses have shopping centers around them, other public areas, or the backyard neighbor can see into the yard. When making changes to your bathroom, this concern arises. There are many options available for windows that will allow the airflow and sunlight in and keep the amount of privacy you desire. Here are some choices.  

Glass Block 

Glass block or glass brick windows offer the ability to allow light into a room while maintaining the amount of privacy that you desire.  There are many choices available in relation to size, color, form, and texture of the glass block that you can choose from. While light is allowed to enter, the view into the room is obscured or blurred so no one will be able to see what you are doing.  If your glass block window is a single piece, then you can allow light into the room, but the airflow will be less.  


A choice to allow light into the room and allow for airflow would be to install a skylight into the room. Skylights are openings that are created in the ceiling of the room that goes to the outside. You can choose a skylight that just allows for light (non-opening) or one that allows for light and air. The possibilities are almost endless regarding shape, color, thickness, location, size, etc. The skylight options would be chosen with the idea of ceiling integrity, personal preference, and budget in mind.  

Recessed Window 

A recessed window allows for light and airflow while maintaining privacy because the window would be set back into the wall which would allow for a limited view were someone to try and look. Additionally, if you put the window at the higher end of the wall, then the view is minimized even more. There are many options available regarding how the window opens, the size of the window, any window treatments chosen, and placement.  

Textured Glass 

Textured glass is similar to the glass block window with the idea that light can enter, but the view is obscured. Textured glass is not necessarily as thick as glass block so there are more options available regarding a window that could open which would affect the airflow of the room.