Spring time brings a sense of renewal. The flowers are beginning to bloom, summer is just around the corner, and the sunlight brings energy to everything it touches. Springtime is also considered home remodel season. If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should consider starting it during the spring and summer months. Here’s why.

Longer Days

The spring and summertime bring about days that have more sunlight to them. The day is longer, and that means that more work can be done during this time. The weather is not bone-chilling cold and hopefully not sweltering yet, so that workers can remain outside longer and tools and material can be spread out as well so that work space is not cramped.

Cook Outside

If you use this time to remodel your kitchen, then you can eat your meals outside. You can either use the grill or just eat cold items at a picnic table in the backyard.  This way you can make and eat sandwiches so that your remodel can continue without feeling like you are in each other’s way.  You could add an element fun for your kids by having a daily picnic lunch on a blanket as well.

Kids Outside

During the warmer months, your kids will also be spending more time outside. They can rid of their excess energy, and the workers will have the ability to get their project done without the children being underfoot. You could plan for a public swimming pool day, take the kids to outside events in the area, museums, and other curiosities to keep them busy and out of the remodelers work area.

Vacation Time

Another reason that spring and summertime would be good is that this is normally the time that families go on vacation. You could plan your remodel around your vacation plans so that you don’t need to be around for the noise and other construction stress. You would just need to make yourself available for calls or designate someone in the area who can advise the remodelers should they have questions when you are gone.

Plan Ahead

To make your spring and summer remodel dreams come true takes planning. You can’t decide in the spring that you want to remodel that spring. You would need to understand when your contractors have free time, how much materials are available, and the cost of the materials at the time of the remodel. You could look into buying materials earlier but it would be important to discuss this with the remodelers in case changes in material need to be made, and you are out of town.