A choice you have when making over your bathroom is what materials you would like to use for your shower walls. You’ve picked out your shower fixture and your décor, now it’s time to consider what you will surround your shower with. You want to make sure you pick a choice that will give you the best value for your money and will last as long as you like. Here are a few options for your shower wall material.

Glass Panel

One option that you have is to surround your shower with glass paneling. Because it is glass, it will make your space seem larger. This will be particularly useful if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Another positive about this material is that it is easy to clean. You won’t have any grout to keep an eye on, so your ability for mold and mildew is lowered. One potential issue for this type of material though is that I can become scratched. In a household of only adults, this possibility might be lessened, but if you have young children in the house, this will be a concern. Another consideration is the cost of glass panels against the amount you have budgeted for the material. Glass panels are one of the more expensive materials.

Porcelain/Ceramic Tile

A potentially more budget-friendly option would be to have porcelain or ceramic tiling for your shower wall. With this open you will have grout, so keeping an eye out for mildew or mold will be needed. Along with glass paneling, these types of material are easy to clean. The tiling is considered durable and long-lasting as well, so if you are planning on being in the house for a while and upgrading the bathroom to a more long-term option, it would be wise to consider this material.


Stone material offers the ability to have more natural looking material that adds uniqueness to your space with the variable designs that come with natural stone. One area of concern could be keeping the soap buildup at bay. You will need to have your stone tile sealed to prevent water and bathroom products from staining your tile. After you have it sealed, you will want to use a product that will keep the tiles clean without being too harsh on the seal. As with the glass paneling, there is the possibility of the tiles becoming scratched.