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Are Quartzite and Quartz The Same?

When you are remodeling rooms in your home, there are many options for the materials that you can use. If you are changing out the countertop, in any room, there are choices to make and things to know. One of the big misconceptions when thinking of countertop material is that quartz and quartzite are the…

upgrade your shower

Upgrade Your Shower

There are many ways that you can upgrade your bathroom without doing a complete remodel. You can look at the various areas in your bathroom and see how you can improve them. You can review the sink/vanity area, the commode region, and what this article will focus on: the shower area. There are different elements…


Mold In The Bathroom

When you have moisture that collects in spaces that are not well ventilated, you have the opportunity for mold to grow. You could have a bathroom that does not handle the steam very well. You find that after you take a hot shower, the walls and fixtures remain moist for an extended period of time.…

monochromatic kitchen

The Monochromatic Kitchen

The color scheme you use for your kitchen space is a way to show off your style and personality. You can go bold with stripes, bright colors, and various patterns. You can also go a different way and choose a monochromatic look for your space. This means that you will choose a central color and…

vent hood

Vent Hood Options

When you are looking for a new stove/oven, an important part of the process is making sure you have the best vent hood for your needs. There are many aspects of range hoods that should be considered while you are searching. Some starting off points are what type of cooking are you doing the most?…

masculine kitchen

The Masculine Kitchen

Since the world shifted and we began to see a new normal, many more family members are making their way into the kitchen on a regular basis. They are preparing meals and entertaining with friends and family. As Father’s Day nears, we wanted to take a look at some design ideas that would encompass the…

pet friendly

Pet Friendly Kitchen Remodel

For some people, their pets are their life. For most people, their pets are members of their family. When you are designing a kitchen remodel, you can add elements to it that take your pets into account. These elements can take into account whether you have one pet or several. Some of these additions will…

summer maintenance

Summer Maintenance For Your Indoor Space

When the seasons change, it is the perfect time to look around your house and do a review. The time of year will dictate what needs to be checked. Your heater would not necessarily need to be checked when it is summer, but close to summer is when you want to check your air conditioning.…

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