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herringbone pattern

Herringbone Pattern in Design

One way that you can give your remodel a distinctive look is by using the herringbone pattern in your design ideas. The herringbone pattern can be used for so much more than just your flooring. Are you aware of the number of uses where the herringbone pattern can be utilized? This pattern brings a timeless…


Is Fall The Best Time To Remodel?

When the leaves begin to change colors and there is a crispness to the air, your thoughts wander to all the bounties that fall can bring. You think of baking pies, look forward to Thanksgiving, and pulling your sweaters out of storage. Another thought would be to plan a home remodel during this time. What…

importance of color

The Importance of Color

The use of color plays an important part in our everyday lives. From deciding which color your suit should be for a meeting, to creating the perfect background for your sales and marketing pages, the importance of color can be so great that it affects our moods. When it comes to choosing which colors to…

matte design

Matte Design For Countertops and Cabinets

One of the many choices you have for kitchen design is determining how you would like your countertops and cabinets to look. You can choose to match the design look for your counters and cabinets, or you can use a complimentary design that can work to bring the room together. A choice to consider is…

stone floor

Stone Floor In Your Bathroom

An important aspect of your bathroom remodel is what you will use to cover your floor. You have many options. You can keep the current material that you have on your floor and just refresh it, or you can move to a new material. One option for your floor is to put down stone. Here…

u-shaped kitchen

The U-Shaped Kitchen

There are many choices you have when it comes to a kitchen remodel. One factor in deciding how to set up your new kitchen is the traffic pattern. If you do a lot of entertaining or if you have children, can affect how best to have your kitchen laid out. One design idea for the…

unique bathroom

Ways To Have A Unique Bathroom

When you are determining how to set up your newly remodeled bathroom, you can make some simple choices to make it unique. Of course, you can choose statement pieces for your fixtures, or you can choose to make more subtle changes that can still make your space stand out. Here are some choices for you…

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