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showerhead flow

Is Showerhead Flow Off?

The shower for some people is their sanctuary. It is where they go to de-stress from the day. Others use the shower as their way to wake up in the morning and get their day going. Either way, when the showerhead flow is not performing properly, the feeling one gets when in the shower is…

toilet running

Is Your Toilet Running?

Some days, it seems like nobody is listening to you. You have to remind them to pick up their things, wash their hands, and jiggle the handle to the toilet. The problem becomes when the toilet is making noise or acting up, and no one is to blame. Then you need to consider if something…


Could Your Pipes Be Leaking?

Ever think something may be wrong with your house, but you’re not quite sure what? Maybe you have been wondering if people have been leaving the water running, or maybe there was a change to the amount the water company has been charging you. Could it be that your sprinkler system is running on off…

tub drain

Why Won’t The Tub Drain?

You are standing in the shower getting ready for the day or winding down for the night and you notice that the water in the bathtub is becoming a bath and a shower at the same time. About the time it reaches your ankles, you begin to hurry up and finish. After leaving the bathroom…

toilet clog

The Dreaded Toilet Clog

Nothing strikes fear in a heart more than watching the water from the commode rise and rise without going back down. The fear is especially heightened if you are not at home! Let’s focus on the clogs that happen at home, though. If you have small children, there are an almost unlimited number of reasons…

clog in the sink

How to Deal With A Clog In The Sink

There is nothing worse than when you are in the bathroom, and you notice the water has stopped going down the drain. You wonder how long the slow drain has been going on, or worse yet if you have a dreaded clog in the sink. This is when the water does not go down at…

ambient lighting

Task, Accent, and Ambient Lighting

The lighting in your home can be one of the most important elements for not only functionality but also to show off your décor style. The lighting can set the mood, light your way, or make a bold statement. The choice is yours. Some options you have for lighting are to use ambient lighting, task…

aging in place

Aging In Place Design Ideas

With the world changing as it is, the family unit is ever evolving. Where people would move from one home to another as they age, this is not always the case now. Families are looking to stay in their homes longer and move less. Due to this, there are more people who are aging in…

everygreen fog

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year – Evergreen Fog

Paint companies, every year, look through their colors and review what’s trending to determine what they believe will be a color to represent the year ahead. The overarching theme for 2022 seems to be cool, calm colors that evoke a nature vibe. Sherwin Williams’ color for 2022 is Evergreen Fog. Evergreen Fog can be described…

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