One of the hard parts, when considering a bathroom makeover or remodel, is determining your budget for the changes. Sometimes your desired changes are over your budget threshold. Other times, the materials you would like are not available just yet. Here are some options for you to consider if you either need to put off your remodel or need to rethink your budget.

Update Accessories

An easy way to update the look of your bathroom is to change out or update your accessories. Depending on what you choose, your bathroom can have a completely new look with just a few minor changes. Some items that can be changed are the mirrors in the room, the linens that are displayed, storage racks that are in view, or artwork/décor on the walls. Simple changes like these can give your bathroom a refreshed look for not a lot of money.

Change Out Fixtures

If you want to do a little more, you can change out/refresh the fixtures. Maybe you would like to put in a different style/color sink. Maybe you could liven up the room by simply updating the lighting. You could also think about making a change to your bathtub. These items will cost more, but you can choose to either do a few changes or many at one time. Your remodel/makeover could happen a few changes at a time. This way the spending is spaced out. A consideration for this type of remodel is to ensure that any complimentary materials are going to be available for the entire remodel time. You do not want to choose to change the sink now and tub later to find out the tub you had in mind is no longer available.

Change out Flooring

A more expensive change to your bathroom would be to change out the flooring or the walls. You could paint the walls (which cost less) or you could choose to tile the walls (which would cost more). You could tile the floor, pull up the carpeting and choose a hardwood option, or even choose to have more room in the bathroom by taking out some of the walls. It’s important to make changes that will work best with a steamy, wet environment.

As before, your budget will dictate the changes that you are financially able to make. If you can wait, then you can break up your remodel to have the bathroom of your dreams over time.