In the previous post, we discussed how the cabinet doors sit in relation to the frame. In this post, we are going to focus on the types of cabinet door options available for aesthetic appeal. When you are choosing household cabinets, it will be a major decision because most homes have a lot of cabinets. The cabinets are normally near eye level, and they will be a focal point for the room.

Open Frame Door

An open frame door is the type of cabinet door that has framing but no center panel. This can be the type of door that has a glass insert or material that is no more than 1/4” thick. If you use glass inserts, these can be where you store anything that you want guests to see, maybe some decorative plates that you have or a pretty lotion display.

Slab Doors

Slab doors are basically a single slab of wood that makes up the entire door. There is no framing on the door. These types of doors can be seen as modern or contemporary. There is no beveling on the door, which means that it is completely flat. This type of surface makes the doors easy to clean.

Raised Panel Doors

A raised panel door is a door that has a groove or grooves in the door in a particular pattern with a raised center panel. This type of door creates visual interest in the room it is in. These types of doors are seen in contemporary and traditional designs. The grooves and angles can become dust magnets, so that will be something to think about when choosing your door type.

Recessed Panel Doors

This type of door can have a groove or grooves in the door like the raised panel doors, but this door instead has a center panel that is deeper than the door frame instead of raised. These types of doors can lead to a minimalist or contemporary look to your space.

Personalize Your Choice

There are still a number of ways to personalize your choices even further after you have decided on the style and type. The material needs to be chosen, if there will be a finish on the material, what type of hardware you want to pair with your choice, and if you want to mix and match your choices or if you want a uniform look throughout your space. Choosing your household cabinets requires a lot of decisions, but your finished cabinetry will be a look you’ll love for years.