One reason that people think about remodeling their home is that they have a future hope of selling. They want to make sure that the house will get the best price possible. Obviously, there are many factors that go into home values, such as the current housing market and economic conditions. There are factors that people can control as well, as they remodel.

Negative Effect

Too Much

One thing that could have a negative effect on the resale value of your home is if you have too much. This can be too much wallpaper, too much carpet, basically too much of what the average homeowner would be interested in. Most homebuyers are looking to make the place their own, and it is rare that two different people would have the same taste. The potential buyer could see the home value lowered because they would need to spend money to change the look that the original homeowner created.

Changing Floorplan

Another potential effect on the home value would be to take out rooms. There could be a bedroom that gets converted to another bathroom, rooms that get combined together, or making the garage a man cave. As with having too much, the average homeowner might appreciate a garage to place their car in over a place to watch sports with the guys. So, they would see this as a potential added expense.

Quirky Additions

A homeowner might like to add a pet shower, an oversized chandelier, or some other one-of-a-kind fixture that makes their home unique. This is fine while they are living there, but when they go to sell the house, it could become a deterrent. If it is something that is easily changed, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Even if it something easily changed it could be a conversation point when it comes to the home’s value.

Positive Effect

Most of the items that improve the value of a home are well-known. A home seller can add a fresh coat of paint, fix any broken fixtures, have a professional cleaning done, and more to show that care has been given to the home. If a room has a rather bright color paint, a neutral tone can be painted over it to make the room more favorable to potential buyers. Yard maintenance can be performed, and a general review of the structural integrity is a good place to start. Another place to begin would be to have the seller look over the house like a buyer and see what changes can be made to get the maximum value for the home.