You’ve chosen to use carpeting instead of wood floors for the rooms in your house. Your carpeting has just been laid down, and you want to keep it as new looking as possible. Whether you have pets or children or both or neither, there are many steps that can be taken to keep your new carpet looking newer for longer.

Cut Snags

It is inevitable with some carpeting that snags will be created. The issue becomes that a small snag can become a large snag if you keep catching items on it. To combat this, review your carpeting for snags and trim them off. Take off enough to remove the snag without putting a gouge in your carpeting. You can use some small scissors for this to make sure that you don’t cut too much. Pay attention, if you are using larger scissors, on the entire active cutting length.


You want to make sure when you are vacuuming the carpeting that you are using the correct vacuum and vacuuming power for the job at hand. If you have the vacuum set for the wrong length of carpet you might only get the surface dirt and not what’s trapped within the carpeting. You want to make sure you remove as much dirt as possible when you are vacuuming. Another point to remember when using the vacuum is to fix or replace the vacuum when it gets old. If you are vacuuming and smell a burning smell, you want to check the rollers to make sure they are not clogged with hair and not turning. Also, you want to check the hose, if applicable, and see if it is broken or clogged.

Deep Cleaning

One way to keep your carpeting as new looking as possible is to deep clean your carpet twice a year. Vacuuming will get up most of the dirt, but deep cleaning will wash your carpeting. You can make deep cleaning easier by cleaning up spills as soon as they occur, using the proper cleaning supplies for the spills, and using the right cleaner for the carpeting. You want to make sure that you clean the carpet without damaging it.


An issue, besides dirt on the carpeting, is the indentation marks that get made when furniture sits in the same spot for a while. There are furniture savers (discs) that can be placed under the legs that distribute the weight better. Another choice would be to move the furniture on a regular interval so that permanent indentations won’t be made.