You have just finished putting up the tile in your bathroom. You like the shine that they put off; you chose tile because it works well in a wet environment, and it is fairly easy to clean. Now you want to keep that tile looking the best you can for as long as possible. What are some ways to do this? In this post, we will review how to keep your bathroom tile looking good as new.


One way to help your tile is by removing the excess moisture/water that accumulates when you shower/bathe. This can be done with a bathroom squeegee. You can hang this in a convenient place close to the tile to make sure it is easy for everyone to use. When they are done, they can use the squeegee by running it down the walls to help dry the walls faster. One thing that the squeegee can do is to reduce the number of water spots and residue that can remain when you are done showering.

No Harsh Cleaners

Another thing you want to make sure you do is not scratching up your tile. A way to prevent this is to use a mild cleanser that is good with tile. You do not want to use anything harsh or abrasive. There are many options that are available. The other thing to keep in mind is what you are putting the cleaner on. You do not want to have a scratchy sponge or rag either.

Mind the Grout

The grout around the tiles can become discolored or collect mold. You want to keep on top of this by regularly inspecting your grout. There are grout cleansers and mild bleaches that can be used to remove the stains to keep it bright. Over time, the grout can just become old. It can shrink and start to pull away from the tile. At this point, it will be important to just freshen up the grout. Take out the old areas and replace with fresh grout.


Your tiles can also remain looking good by applying a sealant to them. This will make a protective coating that can prevent wear and tear on your tiles. Like the grout, you want to make sure your sealant is regularly reviewed to see if it needs to be reapplied. Some of this will be dependent on how much use your bathroom gets and how well your bathroom’s airflow is.