Ventilation Options For Your Home

One of the most important components of a home remodel is to have good ventilation. You want to make sure that moisture, odors and airborne particles are taken care of within your home. You will want ventilation for your cooking areas and in your bathrooms. The kitchen areas will take care of the steam from…

smart shower

Have You Considered a Smart Shower?

One of the upgrades that have come to bathrooms is the smart shower. A seemingly fully programmable experience that you can have when you wash. There are many features available for the smart shower and whether you choose one or not could be affected by your remodel budget and any space constraints that you might…

commode styles

Commode Styles

When you are considering choices for your remodel, you look at the grand plan. You consider remaking your kitchen, renovating your bedrooms, new appliances, possibly repainting, and so much more. While not necessarily a first thought for remodeling your space, the bathroom commode does offer many options. You can choose the bowl shape, the commode…

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