One of the areas of a remodel that you have a lot of choices with is a ceiling. While it can be an important area of the remodel, it is not something that people think about first when making changes to their space. People have a tendency to look out in their immediate field of view and see different furniture, a wall taken out, or updated appliances before they look up and wonder what changes can be made to the ceiling. Here are some of the choices available to make over your ceiling.


The most widely used choice is painting the ceiling. White or cream color are the popular choices. The ceiling can be flat, just the paint roller rolled across the ceiling, or a ceiling can be textured. This can happen with a different type of roller or material can be blown onto the ceiling. Stepping away from this, another way to consider painting the ceiling is to put a mural or picture on the ceiling. You can have various colors form a pattern or have a specific piece of art painted onto a ceiling. The art should be coordinated with the decorating ideas to make sure the two elements don’t clash.


Another choice is to use wood to cover the ceiling. The wood adds a richness to the room color, and you can choose to have a smooth ceiling or add some texture with the wood. Patterns can be made with the slats by color, direction or size, and a ceiling can have a 3-D effect by using the wood to make shapes, such as geometric designs.


Tile can be used to cover the ceiling as well. The material, size, color, and shape of the tile will determine the look of the finished ceiling. There are many possibilities available given all of the different types of tile that are available. It is best to consider the room and activity level within the room when considering which type of tile to cover a ceiling with.

Skylight/Windowed Ceiling

Another choice for the room would be to replace ceiling material with windows. This would allow more natural light to flood the room and allow for the possibility of better airflow. The number of windows and placement would depend on where the room is located within the house. This type of ceiling would need to be watertight so that there is no dripping from the rain outside when the weather turns bad.

Any of the materials would have work in concert with the activity of the room. If the ceiling were in a kitchen, you would want to remain aware of cooking debris (grease, oil) and the level of dirt that would rise to the ceiling.