A fun addition to your remodel is incorporating chalkboard paint into your room. A great place for chalkboard paint is the kitchen. What is chalkboard paint? It is a paint that can be added to the appropriate surface that gives you the ability to write on it with chalk. It works like the blackboards at school except for the placement, and use is more versatile. Here are some ideas. 

Chalkboard Door 

Chalkboard paint can be added to any door. For example, if you place the chalkboard paint on a door that leaves the kitchen to the outside, you can use the space for reminders. These can include what child is attending what sport that particular day, any items that need to be picked up from the store, or loving messages to each other that will be seen as they walk out. The chalkboard paint can cover a small square, half the door, or the entire length of the door.  

Chalkboard Wall 

To take the concept one step further, you can cover a wall in chalkboard paint. This can offer the same ideas as before, reminders, or you can write out recipes, draw funny pictures, or let the children use the space at the bottom of the wall to draw what they wish and show it off. The wall that is painted can be used as an accent piece or the focal point for the room. The amount of wall use is up to you.  

Chalkboard Sliding Door 

This would be great on a pantry door. It would be easy to either write things that have run out on the door, or you can keep an up-to-date inventory of the contents of the pantry. You can make mention of items that are close to their expiration date, so they get used while they are still consumable.  

Chalkboard Column 

This type of use could mean that each side has a different purpose. One side of the column could be for the kids to free draw when they like. Another side could be used to write a daily inspirational message. Yet another could hold important family messages, and the final side could be used to hold the grocery list. The full column could be used, or you could only paint the top half. Another idea would be to only paint one or more sides. 

Chalkboard Backsplash 

This would be great to hold recipes. You would just need to protect it so that the surface does not become ruined with food/cooking oils. Additionally, making sure it does not become warped or distorted from the heat from cooking. This could be accomplished by researching how best to place this in the home.