When considering aspects of your remodel, there are many decisions to make. You need to decide what rooms you would like to change, what changes you would like to make in the rooms you’ve chosen, and what order you would like to make the changes in. One of the decisions that might need to be made is what material you will use for the floor. If you decide on carpeting there is another aspect of this that needs to be addressed. If you have stairs in your house, will you carpet those too? Here are some things to consider when deciding what material to have for the stairs. 


Are the stairs made from a beautiful looking wood or a more functional type? The more functional type would be a good candidate for covering with carpet. Even with the more beautiful wood could have other issues that could make carpeting a better choice. Here the first aspect would be the look of the wood.  

Noise Level 

If your stairs make a great deal of noise when you ascend or descend, carpeting can help to muffle the noise. This could be a case where the stairs look nice, but the noise is a distraction from the appeal. Noises could include squeaking, creaking, groaning or popping. When others are trying to sleep, these noises could cause a disturbance. Also, this would not be good during a romantic dinner either.  

Carpet Choices 

When carpeting is placed on the stairs, there are a few options how it can be put down. One option is to have just one long piece of carpeting. This is a relatively easy installation and would depend on how the stairs sit if it could be an option. Another choice is to have separate pieces put together so there would be two pieces per stair.   

Carpet Issues 

One thing to keep in mind with carpeting is that it will change the depth of the stairs. Because there is carpeting on the stairs, the landing will be higher which will mean you will need to step slightly higher to make it cleanly on the step. Additionally, the lip of the stair will be affected as well. Both of these can increase a trip and fall hazard. To reduce this, just make sure you are careful as you climb and come down on the steps. Keep an eye on the older people in your family to ensure they remain safe.