You have looked at your available space and are considering adding an island in your kitchen. You’ve imagined some of the possibilities and would like to determine whether it is really a good fit for you. You think about the space and want to make the best decision that you can. What are some of the factors that you need to consider when thinking about adding a kitchen island?  

Available Space 

When considering a kitchen island, you need to think about your available space and the size of the island that you are thinking about. If there is space for an island but no real space for relaxed movement, then maybe an island is not a good choice for you. Additionally, if you want a big island but only have the space for a small island you need to consider if you can compromise on the space.  Will you have the island in the middle of the room, or would you place it off to the side? By determining where to place your island you can determine how the rest of the kitchen will come together.  


What are you looking for when adding an island? Are you looking to add a space to cook or wash? Or a space to eat or prepare food? If you are looking for a space to cook you need to consider where the heating elements will be attached, and how easy that will be to accomplish. If you are just looking for a place to prepare food would you like electrical plugs available for powering the mixer or blender? Some islands are used as a place to gather and eat. This means that there should be floor space available to place stools/chairs without disrupting the flow of traffic in the kitchen. If your island is large enough, you can have multi-functions.  


Choosing the functionality of your island will help you determine the best material to use for the island. If there will be cutting and chopping directly on the surface, then a material should be chosen to withstand this. Also, if there will be cooking on the island, then a heat-resistant material is the best choice. When food is present on the island, you will want a material that is stain resistant and easy to maintain. With a multi-functional island, you can choose different materials to use for each area. Just be sure they visually complement each other for the room to come together.