When you make changes to your shower, the base of your shower is one of the most critical pieces. The shower pan is the foundation for your shower. We are speaking about stand-alone showers. The base or bottom of the shower includes the drain and sidewalls to keep the water in the shower with you. The base can be sloped to allow for easier drainage of the water. The shower pan is a single piece. Here are some considerations when choosing a shower pan.


The shower pan can come in a variety of materials. Some of them are acrylic, fiberglass, tile, and composite. Each choice has pros and cons. You will need to determine which one suits your needs best. Acrylic pans are durable, fiberglass has a lower cost, tile comes with a higher expense, and composite material is easier to maintain and repair with a long life. The length of time you will be spending in your house is a factor if you are remodeling to resell, and how much usage the shower will get can all affect the material that is chosen.


The shower pans can come in a variety of shapes as well. This shape will be determined by your desires and your available space. Additionally, you have to consider where the drain will be able to go to ensure that water is properly drained from your shower area. The shape will also be determined by how each choice affects the available shower space. You want to be able to move freely within your shower, without bumping into the walls or the shower door. Then you want to consider the traffic pattern within your bathroom as well.

Additional Considerations

If your shower is going to be used by older individuals or children, you might consider adding a non-slip component to the base. Also, you will want to choose a base with sides that hold the water in, but do not necessarily create a trip hazard for people stepping into and out of the shower. You could consider one with a built-in bench for easier bathing.

Along with the material and shape, you will want to know how easy or hard it is to maintain, keep clean, if there are accessories that can be used with it, and if there are specific safety considerations or guidelines that need to be adhered to when you are updating your stand-alone shower.