Remodeling your bathroom involves planning whether you will update your fixtures, maybe update your tub or change out your sink. You can repaint the walls, add some shelving, or convert your tub to a walk-in shower area. One of the finishing touches to your bathroom remodel is to choose your perfect showerhead. While a showerhead might not seem to be a major part of your remodel, it is something you will use every day, so it is smart to choose one that will fit your needs. Here are some things to consider.


Are you looking for a showerhead that will have multiple sprayers? Is this something that you will use for your morning shower, or are you also looking for a massage component after a long day or a hard workout? Do you have anyone that will need to sit when they shower, which will require a showerhead that can be adjusted for multiple heights? The purpose of your showerhead will help determine what type of choices you have. If you have more than one shower, then you can choose different functions for different showers.


When considering which showerhead, you will choose, you need to consider how the rest of your bathroom is set up. What is the finish on the faucets? If the showerhead is being purchased separate from the other components of the bathroom, then you want to match or choose a complementary finish so that continuity of the room is preserved. Unless you are looking to make the shower area a different style than the rest of the room.


When choosing a showerhead, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend on a new one. The showerhead would be considered an expense as part of the remodel.  So, you will need to determine what is your maximum spend to remain within budget. Considerations will be how much it costs and if there are any maintenance costs associated with it.


If you are concerned with decreasing your water bill, you can look into water-efficient options. There are many low flow options available. You will need to determine if the style you choose comes in a water-efficient model. You can look at design centers to get an option of what low flow models are available, and how each one works. Then you can determine if the specific one that you want is water efficient.