A wisely-chosen and perfectly-fit bathroom vanity is something that truly lives up to its name. There is something marvelously luxurious about having a bathroom vanity, whether it be a simple one-sink fixture or a wide two-sink job. While some people choose to go simply with a free-standing sink, a vanity not only adds a touch of class to a bathroom, but also optimizes the bathroom’s space.

When deciding on a bathroom vanity, you’ll first want to decide what kind of bathroom you’re working on. If it’s a powder room, which is often the smallest room in the house, then you can go with a vanity that holds one sink with a minimal countertop. When it comes to the guest bathroom, the vanity should be large enough to hold clutters and daily bathing essentials and one sink should usually do the trick.

In the case of the master bathroom, however, couples will often want to go with a two-sink fixture to give them room to move. You can go with a floating vanity if you want to give the illusion of the master bathroom having more floor space, but ultimately, a furniture-like piece that stands on legs will help the bathroom to blend into the overall style of the house.

That last point, choosing a fixture that matches the overall style of the house, is another important part of the bathroom vanity. If you have stone floors in your bathroom, then a natural fixture is likely the way to go, whether it is marble or wood.

Another element to consider when installing a bathroom vanity is making sure that proper lighting is used. “Typically, there is a lighting fixture over the sink or mirror but that casts shadows on your face,” says Jennifer Markanich, owner and designer of Timeless Interiors. “Use sconces instead.” By placing them on the wall roughly five and a half feet from the floor will clearly illuminate your face when applying makeup, shaving, or drying your hair.

So take into consideration what the bathroom itself needs when selecting a vanity and decide on how to best integrate the vanity into your home’s unique style.

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