One of the ways that you can refresh your space is by adding a new rug. This can be a rug that goes over tile or wood floors, to help keep your feet from touching the cold floor. One of the things you will need to consider is what is the correct rug size you are looking for. Another thing to consider is how you would like to place it on your floor. Here are some options to consider when considering a new rug.


One thing to consider when purchasing a new rug is to determine what size rug you need. Something that is important is to make sure the size of the rug is proportional to the space you will be putting the rug in. If you have a very large room, but a very small rug in the middle of the room, it will look awkward and out of place. If you are replacing a rug that is worn out, you can review how the current rug fits the room to determine if you need to make a size change with the new rug. When considering this, you need to check if the amount of furniture will change, the general size of the room, or if there will be a major layout shift in the new space.


Another thing to consider if how you would like the furniture replaced in relation to the rug. Are you looking to have the furniture legs all be on the rug, only the front legs on the rug, having the rugs under tables but not chairs, or something else? This decision will help you choose the size and type of rug that will work best in your space. As above, you will need to figure out the layout of the new space to get a good idea of the layout options.


A great way to determine your rug needs is to set up a mock placement first. You can do this by taping off the area where you want to rug to be. This way, you can make adjustments or full-on changes to your choice, without actually spending the money on any materials. You can “move” the rug around the room, or you can adjust the size of the space where you want to place the rug. Doing things this way, you can find the perfect placement and size for your space.