Even though it is not a topic that is talked about a great deal, choosing the right toilet for your space is important. There are many factors that go into choosing the right one. Some of the factors include shape, seat comfort, number of pieces, water flow, and height. Another factor to consider is how many people are using it and how big of a bathroom it is being installed in. Let’s explore each of these in greater detail.


This detail is more of a comfort option than anything. Bowls can be elongated or rounded. Elongated bowls are approximately two inches longer than rounded bowls. This can become important an important fact if your bathroom is limited in space. It is important also to purchase a seat that matches the shape of the toilet bowl, as well, for best fit.


There are different heights that you can choose from for your toilet. If you are on the taller side, there is a toilet height for that. The standard height is between 14 to 16 inches from floor to top of the toilet (before the seat). For taller individuals, there is a height of 17 to 19 inches that is available. This is also considered “comfort height”. If you have a number of individuals in the household, you might consider having different toilets with varying heights.

Water Flow

There are many water-saving toilets (low flow) on the market. There are also toilets where you can choose between two water flow levels for each flush. This choice could be made for you if there are certain restrictions within your community regarding what type of flow you are required to use. Otherwise, you can review your water bill and water needs.


You can choose to have a floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilet. An advantage of a wall-mounted toilet is that the height is adjustable. This can be beneficial for older or disabled individuals. The floor underneath is open, so cleaning is easier. A problem could be that with a wall-mounted toilet, the tank is going to be in the wall. A floor-mounted toilet is easier to install but there is more to clean on a regular basis. So, making a list of your needs and the pros and cons will help you to determine which mounting is best for your space.


A toilet can come in a single unit or two pieces. You can review your budget and space/height needs to help determine if your bathroom would benefit from one over the other. One-piece toilets lean towards more of the comfort height option and have a tendency to be heavier than their two-piece counterparts. Single-piece toilets are easier to install but are generally more expensive. Two-piece toilets have more areas to clean and can be easier to break or leak.