So you’ve finally decided to replace your bathtub with a walk in shower. You’ve read our previous guide on the installation process and you know how much you want to spend, but what about the shower? While twenty years ago a shower with glass walls was considered high-end, now, showers can do pretty much anything you want them to. Below are some trends to look out for when shopping for that shower you’re going to replace your bathtub with.

First and foremost, you need to decide what you want to do with your old bathtub. If you’re working on your parents’ or grandparents’ home or are looking to ensure that you’re safe in your shower, one obvious option is to convert your bathtub into a walk in shower by simply using the existing material and converting it into a safe step-in shower. You can choose to either attempt this project yourself or hire a contractor to ensure the conversion is done quickly and well.

While keeping your bathtub is always a low-cost option that maintains your bathroom’s appearance largely the same as before, if you’ve already made the decision to replace bathtub with walk in shower Ohio and are looking for a real transformation with this project, then you might consider going all in and install a body jet system that will wash and massage your entire body. While these also used to be the province of a certain tax bracket, now there are a lot of different body jet systems on the market so you are likely to find something that matches your price point.

But what if keeping the tub is too blah for you and body jets are too extravagant? Then you’ll likely find yourself where most home renovators due: going with a medium-cost option. In that case, then you’ll want to focus in on such specifics as to whether you want the door to slide open or be opened with a handle. While the sliding door is classic, having a door open and close definitely will add a touch of class to your bathroom.

In addition to choosing how you want to get in your shower, you’ll also want to decide on the quality of shower you get. By browsing a wide selection shower eads at a variety of price points, you will likely find the right solution for you at the right point. After all, that’s what renovating your home and bath is all about!


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