Pantone has chosen its color for the year, and this year is exceptional. Pantone has picked two! The colors that Pantone has chosen are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These colors do well by themselves, but also work very well together. How can you incorporate these colors into your space?

The Colors

Ultimate Gray, similar to pebbles on a beach, and Illuminating, a bright yellow, are signaled to be colors that evoke hope, promise, and possibility. Who wouldn’t want that in their space? For 20 years, Pantone has been choosing the ultimate color that symbolizes the year ahead. There are have been a few years where two colors take center stage, as this year has shown. These two colors work brilliantly together or can shine on their own. Let’s look at some options.

Accent Pieces

The colors can take a contributory role to the décor of your room by choosing accent pieces in these colors. Maybe you find a beautiful vase in either of these colors or the perfect throw pillows that finish your look. You could find a great lamp or use the color(s) to make patterns on an accent wall.

Center Stage

If you want to make a bolder move, you can paint entire rooms in these colors or find your appliances in these colors as well. Maybe you choose one color for the walls and the other for the floors. The idea is to have the colors make a greater impact in the room you are decorating and remodeling.

Conversation Piece

Another way to incorporate these colors is to choose an item to be your conversation piece for the room. Maybe you find a mirror with either of these colors as the frame/border, or you find an oversized piece of artwork or sculpture that fits in your space. Either way, you find something that will draw your visitor’s eye to it when they enter the room.


A final way to incorporate these colors in your space is to have some of them in each room of your home. Maybe you have a room where it is used in a conversation piece, another room where it used as accent pieces, and yet another room where the floors or walls are incorporating the colors. This way, no matter what room people are in, they get to experience the hopefulness of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating all throughout your space.