When you are considering what changes to make to your space, you look for inspiration and ideas. These can be broad ideas such as colors you like or more specific ideas such as a particular appliance you want to add. Pantone has an unveiling every year for the “Color of the Year”. We’ve previously spoken about this. We searched around to see if other companies offered design idea inspiration for the coming year and found a few. Here are the colors of the year for 2020.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore chooses a color of the year and a trending palette. Their 2020 Color of the Year is First Light. This color can be described as a soft, airy pink. Since it is such a light color, it can pair well with many other colors. The trending palette offers choices of white, light and dark greens, light and dark blues, and some greys. The trending palette also includes the 2020 Color of the Year. These colors can be used alone or mixed together to create a one-of-a-kind room.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams went with a deep color for their 2020 Color of the Year: Naval. It can be likened to the night sky. It is deep rich blue. This color can make a bold statement in any room it’s used. Color can be used as décor for the room and can also be considered a way to set the mood and tone. Since Naval is likened to the night sky, the mood for the room could be reflective.

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

HGTV Home’s 2020 Color of the Year is Romance. This can be described as a peachy/apricot pink shade. Since this is close to a neutral shade, there are many colors that will complement it. It can be the focal point of the room or reside nicely in the background. The choice is yours when you consider the color scheme for the rest of your space.


For 2020, Behr decided to get “Back to Nature” with its green color choice for the new year. Back to Nature follows the Blueprint (matte blue) shade from last year. This green color evokes feelings of the outdoors and can bring a sense of renewal and oneness with the outdoors. The shade pairs well with many other shades and stands well on its own. The shade is similar to the color of grass and leaves.

Each of the companies had their own take on what shades will be trending in the new year. The colors of the year are varied. The true winner is each of us because it gives us several options for design in 2020.