Continuing on with our review of the colors chosen for 2023, we turn our attention to Dunn-Edwards, Dutch Boy, and Glidden’s choices. By reviewing all the posts regarding the colors that were featured by the various companies, you can gain a great collection of colorful options and complimentary choices to give you an almost limitless supply of shades to choose from to transform your place. Here is part II of the Colors of the Year.


Dunn-Edwards is starting 2023 in the pink! Their Color of the Year for 2023 is Terra Rosa, which is described as a rosy pink. This beautiful color brings thoughts of rose-colored glasses, hope, and a positive look toward the future. It is a fun, playful color that can work on its own or be used as a base for setting a romantic vibe for your space. Similar colors include First Love, Redwood City, Red Rock, and Merlot, to name a few. Consider getting some samples of this color from and trying it around your home to see which rooms it can make pop!

Dutch Boy

Rustic Greige is Dutch Boy’s 2023 Color of the Year. This neutral hue with red undertones is a versatile color that works with cool and warm tones. A mix of gray and beige, this color brings a sense of comfort and warmth to your space. This shade can work anywhere from cabinets around your home to your home office or study. Consider the rooms of your home that would benefit from a refresh using Rustic Greige. Additionally, you can look at accessories in this color and other objects that you can put in your rooms to create a quick, positive lift to your space.


Glidden’s Color of the Year for 2023 is a green-blue tone called Vining Ivy. Described as the “bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish” shade, it joins the cast of colors for 2023 that focus on tranquility and calm. Vining Ivy can have its blue or green tones show more, depending upon which direction the light is hitting it from. North facing rooms show more blue and south facing rooms show more green. This color pairs nicely with whites, browns, and jewel tones, among others. Since this color can show more than one way, it is a versatile choice that you could consider using in multiple rooms for different effects.

Let these colors and those of the other posts inspire you to reimagine your thoughts about your home, spark your creative streak, and begin your journey of seeing your space in a whole new light.