One of the areas to keep an eye on when looking for inspiration for your remodel or makeover is to look to the trends. Either you can look to the trends that are current, or you can look ahead to what will be trending soon. You can use these ideas to either follow the trends, or you can take the elements of the trends that you like to incorporate into your design ideas.What is going to be the trends in kitchen design? Read here to learn more.

All The Colors

It seems that the all-white kitchen design has met its end, at least for now. The trends that we are seeing are to add color, lots of color, to your space. You can add a splash of color with the appliances that you choose, your wall coverings or paint, accessories you use to add the finishing touches, or if you want to add a statement or focal piece to your room. The colors that appear to be popular are greens, blue-greens, various shades of blue, or even pink.

Stainless No More

Along with the trend away from all-white kitchens, is the trend away from stainless steel in the kitchen. Instead of stainless, the focus is once again on adding colors to your space. So, instead of the stainless steel refrigerator and stove, choose colored options that add a pop or wow factor to your kitchen. You can look into adding stone countertops as well. Your budget and design ideas will help you decide everything you want to change in your current space.

Black is Back

While all-white is out, black is back. Black décor and appliances can give you the dramatic look that you are going for in your space. You can choose to have the whole room in black or just various pieces. One thing that can help you determine how much black to have in your space is how much lighting, natural or otherwise, you will be able to have.

Your kitchen is your space. You can review your current set up, determine if you want to rearrange the way your kitchen is currently laid out or if you just want to update some pieces. The current trends in kitchen design can give you a start. As stated earlier, your budget will help determine what changes you can make, or if you want to break up your remodel and do some now and some in the future.